The Old Spaghetti House

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I visited The Old Spaghetti House early  January.  This is therefore a very late post and I hope my memory will serve me well. I was with seaman when I first saw this in SM. The pasta all you can restaurant for only 149 pesos is just so enticing you can’t say no. However, I was with seaman that time who will only take dinner there because I said so. I later decided that we go to Majestic instead because I know he won’t enjoy the food. He will be leaving soon so that was sort of my gift to him to not be a spoiled brat once in my life.

It was only when I went out with my dearest friend Ann that we decided to have our dinner there before we have coffee at cafe Philosophia at Mandaue. She’s been here a couple of times and was still ecstatic on dining here. She must love pasta that much!


To be honest I am not a pasta lover. I don’t even have an inkling that there are so many choices. like Alfredo, Pomodoro pesto, vietnamese etc etc. until I actually went here. I had to ask for pictures of what they are going to serve me before I made my choice. Had a hard time.

We add 50 pesos and we already had a choice of 1 viand or unlimited pizza. Ann had the unlimited pizza and I had 1 viand.






Even when I am not a pasta lover I could tell that they are delicious. Just don’t ask me what kind of pasta I ate because I will get everything mixed up.


Ms. Ann’s pizza . She obviously loves it


Fried chicken fillet  . Lab it!

And…… other than the pasta and their pizza I go crazy about the restaurant’s interior.It’s just so classy and I so love the ambiance. I could stay here for hours…


You just cannot help but love this place


We were enjoying. Cheers to more adventures with this wonderful woman!


The staffs were amazing too. My phone was lowbat and they allowed me to charge my phone for free.

Like most if not all eat-all-you can restaurants. Strictly no left overs. They served big portions so I asked the staff to not serve too many. I want to try all the pastas available and I won’t be able to do it if I have to struggle finishing one pasta to another.


I was all smiles

The unlimited pasta is available only from 5:00-9:00 pm. NO worries about seat reservations. The restaurant is not always busy.

I would like to recommend this restaurant to pasta lovers out there. You should give it a try. This will make your day !


restuarant-nameThe restaurant is located at Don Gil Garcia Street, Capitol Site, Cebu. It’s a very small restaurant you won’t even know it actually existed. It was my friend Ms. Ann who suggested that we dine here.

I was excited to dine here because it’s not only a Japanese restaurant but a Filipino restaurant too. Not just that, paying 299 pesos is very affordable for an eat-all-you-can Japanese restaurant.

We were here for dinner and the restaurant was packed. I think it can accommodate less than 50 people in one setting. Good thing that my friend Ann made reservations for us. Should you decide to come here especially for dinner, make sure to call (032) 319-0078 for your reservation. You don’t like to go here hungry and wait for your turn.


The Menu

Each person can order only 3 dish from the menu at a time. Meaning you can have your next 3 sets after all 3 orders have been served.


shumai. I love siomai but this one is just gross. I never liked it. If you want to go here I suggest you skip ordering this one. Siomai sa tisa is far way better than this


Tasty ramen. This one I like… Thumbs up for this.




Lumpia. They make the best pork lumpia ever!!!! I lab lab this soooo much


This one I can’t remember the name and I don’t like how it tasted. Maybe because I only like plain rice. Must be…


Pork sisig. It didn’t wow me but it was good. Only it was too oily

Overall the dining experience was good. They have a very attentive waitress. The food is delish .Be very careful not to order more that what you can actually consume. They will make you pay 100 pesos for each unfinished plate.


restaurant interior.jpg

groupee pic.jpg

We had fun. We were too full to eat all but that was okay. 


Ms. Ann and I. Thank you for the friendship 🙂

I suggest that when you go to capitol, you should check out this restaurant. They are open from 11:00 am -2:00 pm and from 5:00 pm-10:30 pm. And don’t forget to make a reservation 😉

Kogi-Q at Parkmall

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I know the photo is not good but I still choose to post it and insist on not editing it. LOL

Kogi- Q is in Parkmall. It’s a Korean eat-all-you-can restaurant. There’s a lot of restaurants like this in Cebu but this one stands out. Not because its exceptionally delicious but because of its affordability. I’ve tried one in Mactan ( I won’t mention the name but I have blogged about it a year ago)  and its like around 500 pesos , drinks not included.  The taste is the same . Almost same food with the exception of the angus beef the other restaurant has, all else, the same.

The price is very reasonable and already you can enjoy unlimited chicken wings, samgyeopsal, marinated squid, hotdogs and many more.


Cooking while enjoying our chika. A girl can only eat too much


With my friend Ms. Ann. We like to dine out and I think this will not be the last 🙂


I cannot complain. The place is clean.


Ready to attack 😉

With good company , everything was perfect. I had my tummy full and my spirit back to normal. Ms. Ann is a great companion. I’ve decided to keep her as a friend for life.

You should try it here one of these days. You will never be sorry.Just prepare your 270 pesos and your tip of course.

I am bored , so bored that no matter how I try to scrounge for inspiration, I just can’t. I tried cleaning my room and posting something in instagram and I still am bored like hell. I thought I am irredeemable. But wait…. Just wait…. Last week I went to PhiloSophia Library cafe and bang! There goes my inspiration.

Philosophia Library Cafe is a library cafe located in Maguikay Mandaue just before the flyover in National Highway. With its very catchy exterior, it would be no effort to look for the place.


The cafe owner Caroline Porras (got her name from my research) did an amazing job conceptualizing this cafe. I and my friend just fell in love with it. I am no coffee lover. Been to starbucks and boss coffee a few times in my life and forgive me but I just couldn’t tell you which is better. I could tell you though that they have super delish cakes. I had my all time favorite mango cheesecake and it never failed me. Lab it!


If you’ll love the exterior wait until you see the interior designs. 😉


My mango cheesecake that costs only 131.00 pesos. I cannot complain. When I saw it, i thought it should be good and it was!


With my forever friendship Ms. Ann Cawaling. The in-charge of this cafe is an amazing woman. She was very accommodating. Even offered to take several photos of us. I gave her the biggest tip I ever gave someone. 🙂


One of the books. I only had the chance to browse 3 or 2 of the books. The other one was all about Cebu featuring most of the places I’ve been. Exciting maybe to a few people but I honestly find the book rather uninteresting. Forgive me


I asked the in-charge if they have any novels. Was disappointed that they don’t have. Maybe bec. a novel will have to be a long read. But I hope they can put one or 2 for people who are novel fanatics like me


ONe word for the place. Cozy….


I decided that this is my favorite part of the cafe. I want to have this kind of wall at home. So relaxing and inspiring


Cafe Mocha & Cafe Latte @ 120.oo pesos I think what my friend had was choco muffin @ 60.00 pesos

I don’t know why the place was deserted when we came here last week. I expected a full house. We were there around 9:00 pm. We had the place all by ourselves which is good.

It will be a crime for any coffee lover to not visit here. This place is just awesome. The price is right. With an excellent ambiance, good coffee and an amazing staff. You can’t go wrong!

By the way, a lot of people might think the place is expensive so I might as well give you the price range to encourage you to come. The Turkey-like place isn’t expensive after all.

Coffee rate ranges from 60-120 pesos

Cold Drinks rate ranges from 20-130 pesos.

Blended Coffee rate ranges from 120-130 pesos

Cakes & pastries rate ranges from 28-136 pesos

They also sell beers at 45.00 pesos

I give a two thumbs up for this place.

I, in-fact would like to go back here for another cheesecake. I hope they will have more books for poetry or if they can, I hope to read novels next time.


I expected more participants of the resort’s slipper race edition this year but to my delight , there were only a few of us. Wait… not really that I was happy because that would mean lesser money raised. I don’t mean it that way. It’s just that last year was a disaster. Too many of us for too easy a game to accomplish and it was plain unorganized in my own personal opinion, you could say otherwise.

This year’s game is a lot challenging and fun. There were 6 stops. It was like a team building per se. There was a crossword puzzle , 20 words to look for. Sack race where all the players should be inside the sack. Can you picture it out? I can’t really describe or tell you the name of the games but I could tell you it was fun. We did the crossword puzzle first and I don’t understand why, I, who I thought was not really lousy with English can’t even find a single word in the puzzle. I just don’t do well with puzzles I guess plus I was too concern on how the heat of the sun will affect my astringent-applied face. I shouldn’t even join the game and since no one would want to, I was forced to represent . I was not sorry though. I had so much fun running around and even dancing before the event. I almost perfected those steps if only I was given enough time. Wahahahah….

Let me show you a glimpse of the event.


Look how cute those bags are :-)

Look how cute those bags are 🙂

I miss you totserol

I miss you totserol

I do love my facial expression here...

I do love my facial expression here…

I don't have any idea who this guy is. They said he is somewhat famous?

I don’t have any idea who this guy is. They said he is somewhat famous?


We complete stops and we made to top 5... Not bad!!

We complete stops and we made to top 5… Not bad!!

hehehhehe go, go, go

hehehhehe go, go, go


and to conclude the day... Picture... picture

and to conclude the day… Picture… picture

I did enjoy all the games. It was worth it. After the fun, I went back to our office to finish what I had started. I can’t really just have fun all day long. I too have to work. 😦

Cebu White Sand’s Room 801

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I am trying to find sleep but I just can’t fearing that when I wake up its going to be yet another day at work. I am on a holiday today. Thank God Mactan has this charter day celebration and I get another day off from work.

So, instead of wasting my  time staring blankly at my Chandelier which lights aren’t really good for my eyes. I might as well take the time to write another entry of Cebu White Sands.

Not so many know about Room 801. The name itself is not very exciting you may complain like my officemates but mind you. It is a uniquely designed bar.  It’s a roofdeck bar at the resort’s 8th floor. It is open from 5:00 pm  -12:00 midnight. They have happy hour from 5:00 – 7:00 pm. All alcoholic drinks are buy 1 take 1. NOt just that they have live bands every Saturdays from 8:00-11:00 pm.

I hate that it might take time until I will be able to let someone fix my camera. I hope I could take more photos. 😦

10151901_777676595681479_8279492395096071310_n 11064795_777687005680438_5280163900362861569_n 11147884_777676762348129_3430681986997563122_n 11150945_10206538455199140_1564421888832482312_n 11295714_777676795681459_2973649325805369096_n 11295726_777687089013763_3792426847309887648_n 11330043_777676709014801_2297848083764929397_n 11350539_777705089011963_5191380758836442097_n 11393130_777705155678623_8571339634539388226_n 11393260_777687112347094_873875839393556011_n 20150529_190109 20150529_194041 20150529_194050 20150529_194208 20150529_202720

I apologize that I can’t really let you see more. My camera broke. So these photos are courtesy of my officemates. I just copied these.

I am planning to invite my friends over here one day. I tell you they are not expensive and it will be all worth it. If you want to have good time with friends, why not try it here? Everything here is affordable. It will be all worth it. Thumbs up to Cebu White Sand Resort and Spa

Cebu White Sands Lunch

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White Sands is very familiar to me. I’ve stayed in a Courtyard room twice and I had dinner here countless times. I like this place so much especially that I personally know the owner of this resort. They are a very good family. They know how to take care of their employees and they value loyalty most. Had I work here, I’d probably stay here forever.

It was the Sales Executive who secretly gave me the gift certificate. I don’t know why when we were already given an overnight stay to raffle on our Christmas Party. She said that I could bring anyone to join me for Lunch. I was super happy!

I brought two of my very close friends. Sheryl, because I want to share with her some of the good things in life. She rarely go out and she deserves so much more. In my own little ways, I want to let her see some of the good things in life. Maribel, because she’d been crying recently that her mom won’t allow her to go out with friends. I could totally relate when I was her age. I don’t like her to feel envious of her friends. Lame but you know I have this feeling that she didn’t join the beach outing with her friends but she gets the chance to go to expensive places. Something that a college student like her won’t be able to afford. I dont like her to feel sorry for herself thats it!

Something to smile for…..



We were seated at the Garden area since the restaurant was packed. It's okay though because we had fresh air and a really good view

We were seated at the Garden area since the restaurant was packed. It’s okay though because we had fresh air and a really good view


This is the part of Cebu White Sands that not so many get to see. I believe day users are not allowed here

This is the part of Cebu White Sands that not so many get to see. I believe day users are not allowed here

We were having a good time...

We were having a good time…

20150524_132246 20150524_135812 20150524_140404 20150524_140802


I love their antique furnitures.


Sheryl admits that she liked their food better than Crimson. I think I have to agree :–)


This reminded me of Seaman. I have not talked to him in weeks. ;-( I have to admit that I missed him terribly


One of my favorite photo of us

20150524_123202 20150524_131408 20150524_131652 20150524_131955 20150524_132246 (1) 20150524_140340 20150524_144452

The resort is popular in holding various events. Team Building mostly and weddings. They are still currently under construction. You should try the bar on the 8th floor. I am so excited to blog about it. I had been there and I tell you guys. You should try visit Cebu White Sands. It is not as expensive as you think and besides I can guarantee you that it will be all worth it!