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From LOvely

Posted: May 31, 2013 in T-T-Thing Things



Finally…something to make me smile 🙂

These are all from LOvely. Her husband just arrived and I got all these 🙂



My second Victoria’s secret cologne from her. It smells good. 

The first time I used this , I sneeze the whole day at the office but I don’t care. I think I can get used to smelling this good. I don’t really wear perfumes, you know. I think I am not just used to it. I never even had lotions before unless we receive a package from my aunt in Canada which rarely happens. I remember I get to use lotions only when I got a job because I could already afford it. My mother never get to buy lotions, perfumes, hair conditioners or even deodorants. I used “tawas”. My mother calls this ” unnecessary”. There are better things to buy and I have to agree with her.

I remember one time my mother had to punish me because I got 1 sachet of Creamsilk at our sari-sari store. I didn’t understand way back then why. She just told me Creamsilk is more expensive than the ordinary shampoo. We used only 1 sachet for the 4 of us , 5 including my youngest brother. My mother is very keen on our usage. You cannot waste water, you cannot waste shampoo, you cannot use the soap more than once. There are rules of consumption.

Looking back, I can say I have more than what I needed now and yet I am still not happy. Still not happy. 😦

Anyways, the dove soap really smells good too. I am all smiles 🙂


On Mother’s Day

Posted: May 13, 2013 in Life On A Daily Basis

We never celebrate Mother’s Day and I can hardly remember a time where I greeted my mom on that occasion. Simple, we are not just affectionate people. We are not brought up that way. I am not really close to my mom to start with. Never was and it will be too late to start now. I will always be her daughter and she will always be my mom. That’s the kind of relationship we have. I am expected to always follow orders from her and she is always right. No questions asked.

I never tell secrets to my mom. Not when I was younger and not even now that I am an adult already. I grow up thinking that my mom will never understand me. My mom when I was still in school would always tell us how hard that is for them to support us in our studies. How hard they try just to let us stay in school. Now that I am an adult, when we talk seriously, we then talk about expenses. My mom could really be pushy and it feels like its really hard to breathe normally around her. My mom is a very manipulative mom and she is good at doing emotional blackmail. Something that I never get to learn from her.

I kind of envy the teenagers who get along with their moms well. I never had the chance to shop with my mom. Never had the chance to talk about fashion and talk anything about girl stuff. When I was in high school and even when I was in college, I always had second-hand clothes. That time ukay-ukay is yet not famous but I am already wearing them. Could you believe that?  Way back in high school I will always worry during Intramurals because I never had a good pair of jeans and blouse. I was doing better when I get to college though because my good aunt Auntie Ebic gave me a few of her not so worn out clothes. I would have to thank her for that.

But my mom with all her shortcomings is still a good mom. She tried her best to give me a good education. She was very firm and she guided me to the right path. Strict, firm and most of the time manipulative but I guess she also just grew up that way. She grew up believing that mothers are always right and that her children will never have any right to question her decisions.

I hope I am closer to my mom. I hope she’s just like the new and improved moms of our generation. But then again, my mom has a Spanish blood running in her veins. She is expected to be what she is.

I promise, that is if, I get to be lucky to have my own child in the future. I want us to celebrate Mother’s Day. I want cakes and ice creams on that day.

Life Happens To Me All The Time

I have to smile… I have to smile…

Happy Days

Posted: May 12, 2013 in Me, Myself and Her

Happy Days

I guess its time that I should start loving myself.


I and the rest of the family goes to this church every April 30 of the year ever since I was young. According to my father we started going here since Amil was still 3 years old. He is 26 now, meaning we go here for 23 consecutive years already. Every year without lapses.

This church is somewhere in Pitalo, San Fernando, Cebu. Far from Mandaue but even when we still don’t have our own service, we still manage to go here. We commute just to get here before. My parents are quiet religious in their promise to go here each year.


The place is just familiar. Imagine that 23 years….


From the left: Rommel, Amil, My father, My Mother, Nanay Olympia (the one who leads the rosary), and Nanay Istring.

Do you know that Nanay Olympia memorized all the miracles of Snr. San Vicente Ferrer?

Snr. San Vicente Ferrer is a priest and is responsible to a lot of conversion of Jewish to Catholics. I don’t know much really but he has lots of miracles and somehow I believe.

Just Amazing, just amazing….

I hope we will be given more years to go here. I hope we will still all be healthy and that Snr. San Vicente will keep guarding us from any sickness.

I promise for as long as I am alive. I will try to go with Amil in every birthday that he will still going to have in the future.

He has been a very good brother. A very good one. He deserve all that he has

My mom says that a girl’s crowning glory is her hair. So, she insist that I should fix my hair often or at least comb it as often as I could. According to her, when she was younger, she likes to braid her hair or style her hair differently.  Unfortunately, I don’t have that talent. That, talent dude, fixing hair!!!

I used to have a really nice hair way back in high school. I had, and I can prove that!  A lot of people said I had had a nice hair. But then that was before all the rebonding happened. I never listened to my mom when she said I shouldn’t touch my hair. They were lovely and all it needs was just a little more care. It only needed combing. But as stubborn as I am, I never listened. I went straight to the salon and had my straight hair straightened. How stupid was that? My hair is just another reminder of one of the many brainless decisions I made in my life.

So, it started there. I destroyed my only crowning glory. From then on, I am constant to salons to have rebonding. When I say constant, I mean I do rebonding once every 2 years. LOL.  My hair isn’t the same anymore. I have to spend and spend for this hair. I deserve every bad hair day that I had. I am so stubborn.

But then a girl has to look presentable in any way she could. For the love of looking presentable, I went to 887 Rebonding Digital Chateau at Sarrosa International Hotel. This is located at F. Cabahug St. Ayala Access Road Kasambangan. I had my hair rebonded. It cost me 2,100 pesos. But this amount already includes the cellophane and hair treatment. Yes, I know expensive. The last time I had hair rebonding it cost me less than 2k in Coco Hair Studio. However, I have no regrets. 887 have an excellent service. They worked at my hair for almost 5 hours. It’s way better than Coco Hair Studio at Parkmall. Just my own personal opinion. At least now, I look like I am really combing my hair.



There are men working at the salon too. 

The next time my hair will need major major fixing. I sure will be back here.

I like the service very much thus I was generous with my tipping. I tip a total of 120 pesos.

For once, I was not guilty about spoiling myself just this once. I had had a rough months. I want to look at the mirror and see myself smiling. I want to give myself a reason to smile. And I think I had succeeded.