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The first time I get the chance to attend this event. They have this event yearly but this is my very first time and I made a fool out of myself yet again.

I am always late in most events in the city. I couldn’t seem to make it on time since Lapu-Lapu is really far and the traffic is just so unpredictable.

Geraldine and I attended the top account appreciation party in behalf of our 2 Japanese. I departed from the office around 6pm and party starts at around 5:30. I knew we were going to be late. I was instructed by Kim to standby at Bellavista to wait for our service. Our service arrived past 7:00pm. I soon grew weary at the thought of being late again. I don’t like to be conspicuous.

I and Geraldine could have taken a cab should our budget allow us. But I only have 50 pesos in my wallet , Geraldine 26 pesos. So we didn’t have much choice but to wait for the driver that will take us to the hotel. I, for the millionth time felt sorry for myself.

This is what I witnessed during the event.

Everyone had eaten when we arrived. Everyone had eaten and everyone was so dress up I felt intimidated. I was like attending a ball or something.




Because I was seated with the GM at the very front row, both Geraldine and I decided not to eat. I lost my appetite at the sight of the people around me. I lost my appetite at the thought that I couldn’t eat without getting people to notice me.

and this is how I look. My attire……


I am aware that I don’t look very presentable. I look fine but for everyone is wearing a cocktail dress at this party. Everyone was so dress up and I was so looking like my ordinary day. Can I kill myself?

Anyway, this guy’s named is Jessie. He is famous according to them because he joined Filipino’s Got Talent Show. I don’t know him because I never watch television.

He was wearing tuxedo when he performed onstage. He played violin well. I think “good” but how I really didn’t care.


He is also famous according to them. Geraldine even knows him. But I don’t. I don’t because I don’t watch television.



I had one terrible night. When I went onstage to accept our award. I made one silly gesture again that I couldn’t seem to get out of my head. I shake hands with the GM with my handkerchief on my hand. Yes, I know idiotic! One dreadful outfit + one silly gesture = I could wish the ground would swallow me whole.


That night I learned that people will always judge you according to how you look. When I arrived, I asked one staff to show us to our table. I was starred indifferently.  She never showed us our table and instead gestured that we could just sit anywhere. Anywhere is already occupied. She, I think thought that I might just be anyone. In my anger, I called the Sales Director Ms. Antoniette Alburo herselinstead and asked for her assistance. I showed that girl that I know people and she just couldn’t assume that I don’t deserve to be there.

It was fun though. I learned a thing or two about being in with the crowd. Next time, it won’t be the same again. I swear


I don’t know what I should be more careful with next time. Should I be more careful with my actions or with the words that comes out of my mouth. Sometimes, everything is just so perfect and then… Bang!!! Me and my big mouth. Sometimes, I just ruin everything with my actions alone. My facial expression most especially. I am a walking disaster everywhere I go. I sometimes think that this must be a curse that follows me everywhere.

Here’s what happened tonight on my way home…

I’ve decided since a month ago to walk every night from Highway Maguikay going to our place. I love to walk and love it even more to imagine that I won a lottery. Every night, I have the same almost exact imagination. I imagined that I won a lottery and composed a perfect exit speech for my bosses. I want to win the lottery not to get rich but to get out from all the responsibilities on my head and on my shoulders. People would always tell me that I have the choice, that life is a choice. Yes, it is! But apparently in my case, it just isn’t. I have to work and I can’t leave my job because at the moment, my job is my the only constant thing in my dear life. I cannot take the risk. Not now.

Anyways, so much for that. I’ve met a classmate in high school tonight. I’ve met him incidentally while I was busy with my imagination.I know this shouldn’t be an issue. But then I have a thing for the past and I always have a thing for people in the past.

You know what? He smiled at me and before I could even get to smile back. I asked him if he is already married. Yes, of all the things that could come out of my silly head. I remembered to ask him that! It could have been forgivable if we were close friends back then, but we were total strangers who only happens to know each other by name. He was totally flustered by my question. My, God. Where’s my brain? I was totally abashed at how I acted.

Lesson learned tonight …..

I could get caught up with my own world. Whatever! But next time? Strictly, No more ” Are you married yet” questions.

And please… Elma dear. For once , tell your mouth to ask your brain first. Whatever…

Lighthouse Restaurant

Posted: June 12, 2013 in Restaurants


This is my third time at a Lighthouse Restaurant and my 1st  in Mango Avenue, Cebu City Lighthouse. I’ve been in their Country Mall branch twice years ago. I liked the food and I was bragging about the adobong bisaya. I can’t seem to forget how it tasted. It tasted really good the last time I visited.

So, this time Sheryl, I and my good friend seaman dined at Ligthouse Mango Branch. It was raining occasionally and I had fever that time but I decided not to cancel the dinner since I had it rescheduled twice already.

Sheryl and I had to walk from Robinson going to this restaurant. We have to stop by Robinsons so I could visit the comfort room. I cannot do without going to the comfort room. Walking was fine with me. I love to walk and I cared less even when we weren’t really sure where we’re heading. We just kept on walking until we were near Iglesia ni Cristo.

The restaurant was exactly how the other bloggers described it to be. It looks like this:

ImageI’ve seen something like this. The entrance is something like that of Museo sa Sugbo. It’s kind of Spanish.


The waiting area. It is very homely. The native chairs and table’s design is just perfect.



I had the chance to take a photo of their blind performers. They played acoustic music.


The Foods:


Garlic bread. The complimentary dish served while we waited for our orders


Baked scallop at 183.00 pesos


calamares at 154.00 pesos


sinigang na pasayan at 154 pesos


adobong bisaya at 162.00 pesos


breaded chicken wings at 104.50


Grilled blue marlin at 170 pesos


Brewed coffee at 80.00 pesos


Watermelon shake at 75.69 pesos


MangoShake at 75.69 


Rice at 30 pesos

The food was sumptuous. It was very Filipino. I just love the adobong Bisaya. I just hope my father will get to cook his adobo that way. The best adobo ever!

I originally ordered for baked tahong but they no longer have it so we had scallop instead. It was fine because scallop is safer than tahong especially if eaten at night time. I forgot to order “mongos”. I told seaman I am going to have mongos. Lovely brought home that from Lighthouse once and it was super delicious. Waaa I forgot one food that I came for.

Everything on the table was good. The sinigang was equally inviting too so I was able to eat a little. I consumed 5 of the scallops and Sheryl one. LOL. The calamares was not something I expected. I didn’t like how it tasted sweet and sour in my mouth.

The brewed coffee of Sheryl is only 50 pesos, I stand corrected. hehehe I almost freaked out when I thought it costs 80 pesos. I cannot take that her coffee is more expensive than my shake. I cannot accept that! Anyway, she also had mango shake. Hot and cold for that night. I can’t believe she can have hot and cold drinks. She’s weird!

I will be back here should I be given another chance. Seaman paid a total of 1,323.60. Not bad. He was expecting to pay around 2,5000. Hehehe


Never mind my stomach I was full and I had something really fit blouse on.





Seaman and I 🙂

Siknoy Noodles House

Posted: June 6, 2013 in Restaurants

I was on a day off last Monday. I originally planned to go to Simala but for some reason I was not able to go as promised. So, to make up for that, I went to Santo Niño and Santo Rosario instead.

I really liked to stay at the prayer house for the whole day but going to the comfort room every after almost 30 minutes interval was not very easy for me. The comfort room near the prayer house was not working so I had to go to the other comfort room. Kinda far. So, I just stayed for an hour or so.

It was a day of intense prayer for me.I also went to Santo Rosario, dragging seaman with me. I like this guy a lot. He is always there even at those times when I pretended like he doesn’t exist. He is always there even at those times that I just want to be quiet. Anyway, so much about him.

That day, I realized that there are so many people in the world. I expected Colon to be quiet as it was Monday and I thought people should be inside offices or students should be in school. To my surprised, Colon, will always be Colon. So traffic and so many people.

I was stuck in a heavy traffic. I arrived just in time for Amil and I to go to J Center Mall in Mandaue to buy Rommel’s phone and dine with Sheryl.

The dinner was a treat from Amil who just received his mid-year bonus. This bro is never selfish. He loves to share and he always give something for the family. He is so unselfish that sometimes he forgets to leave something for himself. I wish he had more.

We dine at Siknoy Noddles House. It’s a Filipino-Chinese Restaurant inside J Center Mall. The food is not expensive and its very affordable. Both Sheryl and I agreed that this restaurant is way better than Lim Nang.



We were the only one dinning when we arrived so I had the chance to take photos shamelessly :-). Amil hates that. He cannot relate to Sheryl and I. He doesn’t understand why he had to smile for the camera and why he cannot touch the food before photos were taken.


Here’s what we had:


Birds nest at 120 pesos


Spareribs at 85 pesos


Spring roll at 65 pesos


Friend rice at 100 pesos


Siomai at 65 pesos. We had 3 orders.


Pancit Canton at 120 pesos


I had orange. Both of my bro had 4 seasons.

I am not so sure if Sheryl was full. She was I think a little shy to eat. Wahahahha

I love it here. It might just be an ordinary dinner for someone but for us it was something else.

I love their siomai and my first birds nest. First times will always be the best.

The pancit canton was not very good though. The only thing that I really didn’t like on the table

I hope I can dine here again but I think that would be impossible.

But I tell you what, If I do love it here. I am sure you’ll love it too 🙂

La Bella Napoli

Posted: June 3, 2013 in Restaurants

It could just have been another Saturday. I wake up, I travel an hour and half to our office, I stare at my computer until 1:00 pm. I get excited over going home so I could stare lazily at our ceiling and pray sleep will find me. Bang! Monotonous.

But last Saturday, I kinda organize a lunch date for all of us. A pizza date. I told my co- workers to prepare at least 150 each so that we could dine at the La Bella Napoli pizzeria. This is not really my idea of a good lunch as I am not into this kind of meal for a really major major meal like lunch. But anyways, that’s the only thing we could afford so far and we haven’t tried their pizza yet.

When we were about to go out of the office. My boss, which means my new boss was surprised that everyone was going out all at the same time. So, he asked where we’re going and he decided joined. I secretly hoped he won’t at that moment but realized that he will be paying for it so its fine with me.  We should all give him a chance. He is after all trying his best to be kind to us all.


So here’s what we had.


Quattro Sagionni.   It has 4 different pizza’s in one order.

Solo- 300 pesos

Family – 380 pesos


La Bella Napoli.

Solo- 330 pesos

Family – 400 pesos

They said its their best seller. The green leaf on top is called an Arugula leaf. This herb is related to both the radish and watercress, and the flavor of the leaves is similarly hot and peppery.

The leaves are excellent sauteed lightly in olive oil or steamed and added to pasta dishes. These leaves were not steamed, it was just washed and served fresh. Arleada loves it though with olive oil. I don’t know but I cannot relate. So cannot relate.

I tried this of course but without the “sagbot”. 🙂



Solo- 260

Family – 350

My boss ordered this. It’s common for Japanese, they just love pepperoni. It’s a little spicy but it’s something I could take.

The Group with our boss 🙂


They could also deliver which they are charging 50.00 pesos.

You could call them at 494-0199 or their hotline 09176381654



The restaurant is near Karancho beach. I thought that’s the smallest place they got but according to the waiter, this branch is already the biggest. Wahahahah

They will open in Airport soon and they also have a branch in Lahug which according to him is only as big as the Angel’s Burger space.

I love the pizza but nothing compared to Pizza Hut.

What is good about this place is that no matter how small their space is, they still have a comfort room.

Bad thing is, there are a lot of flies when you eat. But when you’re really hunger like me, you could try to care less. 🙂

By the way when I say “Solo”  I mean 12 inches and by “Family” I mean 15 inches.