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To Travel With Extra Baggage

Posted: October 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Since, I cannot do solo backpacking due to a lot of reasons, financial and health reasons. I travel most of the time with my good friend and travel buddy Sheryl. Dumaguete was our first trip together and it was packed with awesomeness and a lot of memories that I will cherish for as long as I live.

What is good about travelling with Sheryl was that we share the same interests. Museums, churches and anything that has something to do with history is on top of our list. Recently, we travel to an Island just within Cebu for a 2-night, 3 –day tour with 2 of our friends.

Travelling to me is equivalent to autonomy. It is a time to be carefree and a time to enjoy the few days of freedom from all the burdens of life. Traveling is being crazy and a chance to do all the stuff that I fail to do on a daily basis. Travelling is escaping some of the very hypercritical people that surround me almost every day of my life. But what if instead of escaping that person, I was actually travelling with her?  I was actually bringing with me that very extra baggage that I was so glad to escape from? What will become of me? I will go ballistic. I will explode -like -a -mentally-deranged –kind of ballistic.

I don’t know when this person became so critical about everything, the destructive kind. First attempt, I tried to ignore. The second one, I cannot ignore and I won’t forgive nor forget that. That person I tried to call friend blatantly insult me in front of my other friends.

It was during dinner that she patently shows her being superior. She corrected how my plate turned out. Shocking both Sheryl and our other companion. I was devouring whatever was on my plate but it wasn’t as clean as hers though. Sorry to her but I don’t have proper table manners. I am not taught how to be proper but I am quite sure I was taught how to be decent. I prefer the later.

On other occasion I will just swallow my pride and I will laugh at myself like I usually do. But I was travelling; I don’t have time to be lectured about how I eat. I would have liked it if we reviewed the restaurant instead. Her taking her precious time to notice me and compare me with her sister who according to her was her “spoiled -little -sis” who was still in high school by the way killed what little patience I have for her. That was enough. I could be a brat if I choose to. She need not compare me nor associate her. If that’s her way of belittling me, I won’t be forgiving.

Not just that, she was obviously pleased when the driver said I am fat. I don’t know if that was the exact word but she said so with a hint of laugher. If you are a true friend, you don’t laugh nor brag that you are the slim one when your friend was actually being affronted. But she just did. The nerve!!!

I don’t know what happened to her. She is not the same friend I thought I knew years ago. She just turned out to be that someone who gets under my skin. Someone, I just couldn’t stand a few minutes without being disgusted.

I swear though that I am not going to travel with this friend ever again. To you extra baggage, brace yourself. That would be the last.

I’ve realized that it’s more fun to travel with people that you are most comfortable with. I ‘d rather travel with just only one person. Sheryl and I always had fun. We laughed at ourselves and we talked to a lot of locals. We learned so many things that which we bring with us when we get home.

So guys when you travel, leave your extra baggage at home. Try to have fun.