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I was ecstatic when I learned that I was about to attend another seminar. What made me more overjoyed was the thought that the speaker is not just anyone. The speaker is LESLIE CHOUDHURY. Yes, no other than Leslie. Asia’s number 1 top communication Guru and the World’s number 6. Yey….

Even when I was busy the day before the seminar, I found time to research about the speaker. To be honest, I never heard of him yet. But I go excited over someone International. It doesn’t happen very often to have someone from other country to be the speaker. The thought alone is enough to make me all giddy. 🙂

So, a day before the seminar. I took the brain color exam. My results below:

I brought this with me during the seminar thinking. What the hell is this graph about? I am 80% blue. Must be 80% sentimental. I have grown to believe since college that I have more hypothalamus in my brain than most people.

I arrived a few minutes before 8:00 am on the seminar day. The red coat of the speaker made me smile. The music blasting on air made me grin from ear to ear. Then I saw the smiling face of the speaker that reminded me so much of the character in the famous movie “3 idiots”. Remember Farhan Qureshi? He looks so much like him. This should be interesting, I thought.

We were all greeted with a very enthusiastic ” Boo-yahhhh”. I’ve learned that booyah is an exclamatory statement used when someone is extremely happy. More like our high-five here.  :-). I forgot the word Booyah the next day when I was greeted by Leslie. I felt guilty then.

The seminar/training was a lot of thing. It was a discussion that I will be able to use not just at work but in life in general.

We were talking about communication in a deeper sense. When I say deeper, I meant communication not just to other people but communication to ones self as well.

I learned about Psychology of Colour. I am a Psychology graduate but I never remember taking this kind of exam when I was at the University.

I am 80% BLUE which means:

Emotional base (Correct. Clap! Clap! Clap!)

Communicate in feelings ( Correct. Clap! Clap! Clap!)

Extra sensitive ability to read and interact with other people (Correct. Clap! Clap! Clap!)

Versatile and flexible ( Correct. Clap! Clap! Clap!)

Capable of May roles (Correct. Cheers!!!!!!!)

Allows them to be organized ( Maybe???)

Wow!!! Just Wow!! I couldn’t agree more.

Another activity that we had was this.


We were given a situation where we were told that if we are to be given 5 million US dollars. What are we going to do with our millions?

Since, I was very quiet during the seminar and never had the chance to show my card and explain it. I am going to explain it here.

The first card that I chose without second thoughts was to buy time. I know its stupid to buy time but I am willing to buy it with my millions. I am wiling to buy it until maybe about 4 million dollars but not more than that.

When I buy time, I want to go back when I was 25 years old. That age was my happiest and the age that allowed me too many mistakes in my life. I wanted to go back and correct all those.

And I chose a girl that holds almost the world. No, not really the world but much of the material things. Lets not be hypocrite. With millions of dollars you would want to buy material things, right? And I am holding it out. Meaning, I would want to share it. Of course, I am going to share.

The next card was a picture of a man reading. Yes, I want to buy education. I want to buy it and when I do. I’ll decide how to use it proactively. I’ll think of buying first okay? I’ll think later what’s next. And yeah, I want to have a huge library with all the inspirational books ever written. I want it to be open to public, so when they get desperate over life. They could always come to my humongous library and read.  \

The next card was a picture of ladies doing some simple job. Not a job in the office. Because, when I have all those money. I would want to try all the available job on earth. Isn’t it nice to just work for the sake of enjoying and not work because you actually needed the money? Do I make sense?

The next is a group of friends at the desert. I would want to travel the world with friends and family. I want to travel from east to west. That will include the north pole, alright?

Here’s the man behind all the learning…….

Introducing the very dynamic speaker. Mr. Leslie who preferred to be called by his first name than Sir.

Sorry guys, I wanted to show u the real Leslie. Cato took a photo of us with him and I was standing 1 person apart. LOL. I’ll show it when I have it.

This man is contagious, infectious. I would love to surround myself with people like him. Is that possible? He’s positive energy is all around the place. I adore this speaker. He is impeccable!!!! I learned so much. I would want to thank him with all my hypothalamus. He has become my favorite speaker of all time.

I hope he will get a chance to visit our country next time. I was worried about him the second day of the seminar because he didn’t eat his lunch. Filipinos are meat people, at least most of us. I thought he dislikes the food. Sorry about that Leslie.

One thing more. He is a very friendly person. We, Filipinos could learn from him.

This is one of Leslie’s book and he said this is like 58 dollars. I tried to look for it at National bookstore but it isn’t available yet. I hope when this will become available in the market this will only cost 500 pesos the most. That way, I will be able to afford it. I hopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…. I want to have one.

I was trying my best to hide my camera. LOL

I and my group. 🙂

Because I was so inspired. I went to SM after the seminar. I bought this. We had the seminar at Radisson Blu so I didn’t have any problem going there…

Something, to inspire me everyday….

My emotional drivers 🙂

Thank you for that unforgettable seminar.

I would never forget it for as long as I live