Cebu White Sand’s Room 801

Posted: June 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

I am trying to find sleep but I just can’t fearing that when I wake up its going to be yet another day at work. I am on a holiday today. Thank God Mactan has this charter day celebration and I get another day off from work.

So, instead of wasting my  time staring blankly at my Chandelier which lights aren’t really good for my eyes. I might as well take the time to write another entry of Cebu White Sands.

Not so many know about Room 801. The name itself is not very exciting you may complain like my officemates but mind you. It is a uniquely designed bar.  It’s a roofdeck bar at the resort’s 8th floor. It is open from 5:00 pm  -12:00 midnight. They have happy hour from 5:00 – 7:00 pm. All alcoholic drinks are buy 1 take 1. NOt just that they have live bands every Saturdays from 8:00-11:00 pm.

I hate that it might take time until I will be able to let someone fix my camera. I hope I could take more photos. 😦

10151901_777676595681479_8279492395096071310_n 11064795_777687005680438_5280163900362861569_n 11147884_777676762348129_3430681986997563122_n 11150945_10206538455199140_1564421888832482312_n 11295714_777676795681459_2973649325805369096_n 11295726_777687089013763_3792426847309887648_n 11330043_777676709014801_2297848083764929397_n 11350539_777705089011963_5191380758836442097_n 11393130_777705155678623_8571339634539388226_n 11393260_777687112347094_873875839393556011_n 20150529_190109 20150529_194041 20150529_194050 20150529_194208 20150529_202720

I apologize that I can’t really let you see more. My camera broke. So these photos are courtesy of my officemates. I just copied these.

I am planning to invite my friends over here one day. I tell you they are not expensive and it will be all worth it. If you want to have good time with friends, why not try it here? Everything here is affordable. It will be all worth it. Thumbs up to Cebu White Sand Resort and Spa

  1. mssheryl says:

    Room 801… sorry. I thought you were talking about a movie. My bad.

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