PhiloSophia Library Cafe: It’s Your Coffee And More

Posted: January 8, 2017 in Uncategorized

I am bored , so bored that no matter how I try to scrounge for inspiration, I just can’t. I tried cleaning my room and posting something in instagram and I still am bored like hell. I thought I am irredeemable. But wait…. Just wait…. Last week I went to PhiloSophia Library cafe and bang! There goes my inspiration.

Philosophia Library Cafe is a library cafe located in Maguikay Mandaue just before the flyover in National Highway. With its very catchy exterior, it would be no effort to look for the place.


The cafe owner Caroline Porras (got her name from my research) did an amazing job conceptualizing this cafe. I and my friend just fell in love with it. I am no coffee lover. Been to starbucks and boss coffee a few times in my life and forgive me but I just couldn’t tell you which is better. I could tell you though that they have super delish cakes. I had my all time favorite mango cheesecake and it never failed me. Lab it!


If you’ll love the exterior wait until you see the interior designs. 😉


My mango cheesecake that costs only 131.00 pesos. I cannot complain. When I saw it, i thought it should be good and it was!


With my forever friendship Ms. Ann Cawaling. The in-charge of this cafe is an amazing woman. She was very accommodating. Even offered to take several photos of us. I gave her the biggest tip I ever gave someone. 🙂


One of the books. I only had the chance to browse 3 or 2 of the books. The other one was all about Cebu featuring most of the places I’ve been. Exciting maybe to a few people but I honestly find the book rather uninteresting. Forgive me


I asked the in-charge if they have any novels. Was disappointed that they don’t have. Maybe bec. a novel will have to be a long read. But I hope they can put one or 2 for people who are novel fanatics like me


ONe word for the place. Cozy….


I decided that this is my favorite part of the cafe. I want to have this kind of wall at home. So relaxing and inspiring


Cafe Mocha & Cafe Latte @ 120.oo pesos I think what my friend had was choco muffin @ 60.00 pesos

I don’t know why the place was deserted when we came here last week. I expected a full house. We were there around 9:00 pm. We had the place all by ourselves which is good.

It will be a crime for any coffee lover to not visit here. This place is just awesome. The price is right. With an excellent ambiance, good coffee and an amazing staff. You can’t go wrong!

By the way, a lot of people might think the place is expensive so I might as well give you the price range to encourage you to come. The Turkey-like place isn’t expensive after all.

Coffee rate ranges from 60-120 pesos

Cold Drinks rate ranges from 20-130 pesos.

Blended Coffee rate ranges from 120-130 pesos

Cakes & pastries rate ranges from 28-136 pesos

They also sell beers at 45.00 pesos

I give a two thumbs up for this place.

I, in-fact would like to go back here for another cheesecake. I hope they will have more books for poetry or if they can, I hope to read novels next time.



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