Kogi-Q at Parkmall

Posted: January 11, 2017 in Uncategorized

I know the photo is not good but I still choose to post it and insist on not editing it. LOL

Kogi- Q is in Parkmall. It’s a Korean eat-all-you-can restaurant. There’s a lot of restaurants like this in Cebu but this one stands out. Not because its exceptionally delicious but because of its affordability. I’ve tried one in Mactan ( I won’t mention the name but I have blogged about it a year ago)  and its like around 500 pesos , drinks not included.  The taste is the same . Almost same food with the exception of the angus beef the other restaurant has, all else, the same.

The price is very reasonable and already you can enjoy unlimited chicken wings, samgyeopsal, marinated squid, hotdogs and many more.


Cooking while enjoying our chika. A girl can only eat too much


With my friend Ms. Ann. We like to dine out and I think this will not be the last 🙂


I cannot complain. The place is clean.


Ready to attack 😉

With good company , everything was perfect. I had my tummy full and my spirit back to normal. Ms. Ann is a great companion. I’ve decided to keep her as a friend for life.

You should try it here one of these days. You will never be sorry.Just prepare your 270 pesos and your tip of course.


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