The Old Spaghetti House

Posted: January 29, 2017 in Uncategorized

I visited The Old Spaghetti House early  January.  This is therefore a very late post and I hope my memory will serve me well. I was with seaman when I first saw this in SM. The pasta all you can restaurant for only 149 pesos is just so enticing you can’t say no. However, I was with seaman that time who will only take dinner there because I said so. I later decided that we go to Majestic instead because I know he won’t enjoy the food. He will be leaving soon so that was sort of my gift to him to not be a spoiled brat once in my life.

It was only when I went out with my dearest friend Ann that we decided to have our dinner there before we have coffee at cafe Philosophia at Mandaue. She’s been here a couple of times and was still ecstatic on dining here. She must love pasta that much!


To be honest I am not a pasta lover. I don’t even have an inkling that there are so many choices. like Alfredo, Pomodoro pesto, vietnamese etc etc. until I actually went here. I had to ask for pictures of what they are going to serve me before I made my choice. Had a hard time.

We add 50 pesos and we already had a choice of 1 viand or unlimited pizza. Ann had the unlimited pizza and I had 1 viand.






Even when I am not a pasta lover I could tell that they are delicious. Just don’t ask me what kind of pasta I ate because I will get everything mixed up.


Ms. Ann’s pizza . She obviously loves it


Fried chicken fillet  . Lab it!

And…… other than the pasta and their pizza I go crazy about the restaurant’s interior.It’s just so classy and I so love the ambiance. I could stay here for hours…


You just cannot help but love this place


We were enjoying. Cheers to more adventures with this wonderful woman!


The staffs were amazing too. My phone was lowbat and they allowed me to charge my phone for free.

Like most if not all eat-all-you can restaurants. Strictly no left overs. They served big portions so I asked the staff to not serve too many. I want to try all the pastas available and I won’t be able to do it if I have to struggle finishing one pasta to another.


I was all smiles

The unlimited pasta is available only from 5:00-9:00 pm. NO worries about seat reservations. The restaurant is not always busy.

I would like to recommend this restaurant to pasta lovers out there. You should give it a try. This will make your day !


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