I am just this girl who tries her best to survive her 58-peso budget every day for like 8 years and who knows until when. I am this girl who wants to be decent in all ways that sometimes I just don’t know anymore how it feels to break free. I am this girl who postponed life because my family needed me. When I say life, I mean love. I gave up the love of my life for my family and it’s a long story and I won’t tell you. I am praying every single day on my way to work that life will be less cruel to me. A good girl deserves a good life!

Sometimes, I just want to be bitchy. Tomorrow, I’ll try to and let’s see. People may think I have everything under control because I am good at faking things, most especially happiness. Fake it until I learn it. But don’t get me wrong. My life is never boring. I have lots of ups and a lot more of downs but guess what. I became stronger with time.
I go out too. I go out a lot because my work brings me to places. Every day I thank God for giving me my feet that brought me to places, for giving me the eyes to appreciate things, for giving me the ears to hear the sound of beauty. I have everything I needed to survive everyday and I am cool with it.

Think that I am boring and plain, I don’t give a fuss. Think what you like.

I am just me trying to reach for the sky ………………


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