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Level Eight

Posted: July 10, 2013 in Life On A Daily Basis

I used to like night out in my early 20’s. We normally hang out at Mango near Robinson with my pals. Mostly single women like me. Its usually videoke session and when we have enough we go straight at a disco house within the place. I thought I kind of enjoy it that way. 

That’s part of my youth. Something that I will never be able to forget. Something that I understand about young people these days. But, that was years ago, as I mature or lets just be more direct. As I grow old, I think I don’t enjoy it as much as I used to. For me, its no longer fun.

Fun or no fun it doesn’t really matter when you’re not paying. When I am not paying :-). I get another chance for a night out with my office mates last month.  After we had dinner we went straight to Level Eight in Adnama Bldg, Larazabal Ave. Reclamation Area, Mandaue City. 

This place is somewhere near Cebu Doctor’s University and a few blocks from Sam’s 50 Dinner. The entrance fee is at 250 pesos and it’s consumable on weekdays for weekends I’ve read that entrance is at 500 pesos. I thought the place is quiet expensive. Too expensive for a 58-peso girl like me. 

Here’s what you could expect of the place:








Yes, Melva was there too. Have I mentioned that I really really miss this guy? I had had a few close guy friends. He is one of those. He is one good friend. 🙂

The entrance fee is consumable. So you can try out their menu. Mostly drinks but they have pika-pika foods too



Fish & Chips @ 280 pesos ( with tartar sauce, beer battered fish fillet with fries)



Tortila Ensal da @ 195 pesos (Homemade tortilla, spiced beef cheese, sour cream and tonato toppings)

I could only show you 2 pika-pika because that night we were too full to order many. We had drinks though. I had mango shake and 1 round of San Mig Light which by the way Melva consumed for me for your information.


My mango shake. I forgot the rate but I think a hundred plus. Maybe around 120 pesos.



This is what Brig’s had. He took me by surprised. He doesn’t drink beer? I really don’t know, I will have to clarify it with him next time. I know, I know. I am being silly but hey. He doesn’t drink beer? Who is he kidding, me?


This is around 80 pesos. My share for the night. 




Why was I busy texting? Why?



They have live band in most nights. They close until 2:00 am.

One thing that I almost forgot to mention. There are a lot of DI’s in the place. The dance instructors were bugging us to dance with them. Don’t I hate them? I do despise them! They made me lost my desire to dance. LOL. 

The place minus the DI’s would have been better. 



How comfortable 🙂



The first time I get the chance to attend this event. They have this event yearly but this is my very first time and I made a fool out of myself yet again.

I am always late in most events in the city. I couldn’t seem to make it on time since Lapu-Lapu is really far and the traffic is just so unpredictable.

Geraldine and I attended the top account appreciation party in behalf of our 2 Japanese. I departed from the office around 6pm and party starts at around 5:30. I knew we were going to be late. I was instructed by Kim to standby at Bellavista to wait for our service. Our service arrived past 7:00pm. I soon grew weary at the thought of being late again. I don’t like to be conspicuous.

I and Geraldine could have taken a cab should our budget allow us. But I only have 50 pesos in my wallet , Geraldine 26 pesos. So we didn’t have much choice but to wait for the driver that will take us to the hotel. I, for the millionth time felt sorry for myself.

This is what I witnessed during the event.

Everyone had eaten when we arrived. Everyone had eaten and everyone was so dress up I felt intimidated. I was like attending a ball or something.




Because I was seated with the GM at the very front row, both Geraldine and I decided not to eat. I lost my appetite at the sight of the people around me. I lost my appetite at the thought that I couldn’t eat without getting people to notice me.

and this is how I look. My attire……


I am aware that I don’t look very presentable. I look fine but for everyone is wearing a cocktail dress at this party. Everyone was so dress up and I was so looking like my ordinary day. Can I kill myself?

Anyway, this guy’s named is Jessie. He is famous according to them because he joined Filipino’s Got Talent Show. I don’t know him because I never watch television.

He was wearing tuxedo when he performed onstage. He played violin well. I think “good” but how I really didn’t care.


He is also famous according to them. Geraldine even knows him. But I don’t. I don’t because I don’t watch television.



I had one terrible night. When I went onstage to accept our award. I made one silly gesture again that I couldn’t seem to get out of my head. I shake hands with the GM with my handkerchief on my hand. Yes, I know idiotic! One dreadful outfit + one silly gesture = I could wish the ground would swallow me whole.


That night I learned that people will always judge you according to how you look. When I arrived, I asked one staff to show us to our table. I was starred indifferently.  She never showed us our table and instead gestured that we could just sit anywhere. Anywhere is already occupied. She, I think thought that I might just be anyone. In my anger, I called the Sales Director Ms. Antoniette Alburo herselinstead and asked for her assistance. I showed that girl that I know people and she just couldn’t assume that I don’t deserve to be there.

It was fun though. I learned a thing or two about being in with the crowd. Next time, it won’t be the same again. I swear

I don’t know what I should be more careful with next time. Should I be more careful with my actions or with the words that comes out of my mouth. Sometimes, everything is just so perfect and then… Bang!!! Me and my big mouth. Sometimes, I just ruin everything with my actions alone. My facial expression most especially. I am a walking disaster everywhere I go. I sometimes think that this must be a curse that follows me everywhere.

Here’s what happened tonight on my way home…

I’ve decided since a month ago to walk every night from Highway Maguikay going to our place. I love to walk and love it even more to imagine that I won a lottery. Every night, I have the same almost exact imagination. I imagined that I won a lottery and composed a perfect exit speech for my bosses. I want to win the lottery not to get rich but to get out from all the responsibilities on my head and on my shoulders. People would always tell me that I have the choice, that life is a choice. Yes, it is! But apparently in my case, it just isn’t. I have to work and I can’t leave my job because at the moment, my job is my the only constant thing in my dear life. I cannot take the risk. Not now.

Anyways, so much for that. I’ve met a classmate in high school tonight. I’ve met him incidentally while I was busy with my imagination.I know this shouldn’t be an issue. But then I have a thing for the past and I always have a thing for people in the past.

You know what? He smiled at me and before I could even get to smile back. I asked him if he is already married. Yes, of all the things that could come out of my silly head. I remembered to ask him that! It could have been forgivable if we were close friends back then, but we were total strangers who only happens to know each other by name. He was totally flustered by my question. My, God. Where’s my brain? I was totally abashed at how I acted.

Lesson learned tonight …..

I could get caught up with my own world. Whatever! But next time? Strictly, No more ” Are you married yet” questions.

And please… Elma dear. For once , tell your mouth to ask your brain first. Whatever…

On Mother’s Day

Posted: May 13, 2013 in Life On A Daily Basis

We never celebrate Mother’s Day and I can hardly remember a time where I greeted my mom on that occasion. Simple, we are not just affectionate people. We are not brought up that way. I am not really close to my mom to start with. Never was and it will be too late to start now. I will always be her daughter and she will always be my mom. That’s the kind of relationship we have. I am expected to always follow orders from her and she is always right. No questions asked.

I never tell secrets to my mom. Not when I was younger and not even now that I am an adult already. I grow up thinking that my mom will never understand me. My mom when I was still in school would always tell us how hard that is for them to support us in our studies. How hard they try just to let us stay in school. Now that I am an adult, when we talk seriously, we then talk about expenses. My mom could really be pushy and it feels like its really hard to breathe normally around her. My mom is a very manipulative mom and she is good at doing emotional blackmail. Something that I never get to learn from her.

I kind of envy the teenagers who get along with their moms well. I never had the chance to shop with my mom. Never had the chance to talk about fashion and talk anything about girl stuff. When I was in high school and even when I was in college, I always had second-hand clothes. That time ukay-ukay is yet not famous but I am already wearing them. Could you believe that?  Way back in high school I will always worry during Intramurals because I never had a good pair of jeans and blouse. I was doing better when I get to college though because my good aunt Auntie Ebic gave me a few of her not so worn out clothes. I would have to thank her for that.

But my mom with all her shortcomings is still a good mom. She tried her best to give me a good education. She was very firm and she guided me to the right path. Strict, firm and most of the time manipulative but I guess she also just grew up that way. She grew up believing that mothers are always right and that her children will never have any right to question her decisions.

I hope I am closer to my mom. I hope she’s just like the new and improved moms of our generation. But then again, my mom has a Spanish blood running in her veins. She is expected to be what she is.

I promise, that is if, I get to be lucky to have my own child in the future. I want us to celebrate Mother’s Day. I want cakes and ice creams on that day.

I went to Plantation today to have my future foretold :-)

I was with Ma’am Yolly. I did it for fun but Ma’am Yolly was all serious about it.

I really don’t know if I should believe on that thing but somehow Madame Luz was right when she said I am in a state of confusion, my card said so.  I remember the last time I’ve seen a fortune teller, she told me that I and my said boyfriend will call it quits. I was in college then. Funny thing was, I never had a boyfriend that time. I was convinced she was wrong about everything that she told me. 

And I’ve tried it again. This time, it was just for fun and for the sake of giving it a try. The future is still in my hands.


She was just using a normal card. I was expecting a tarot card reader. 


My card…. Madam Luz find it weird that she can’t read me. She said I am a very confused person. Wahahahaha… She told me to give myself time. I think she could feel my aura. Hell, I am confused.



Ma’am Yolly seems to enjoy her card. It was about her love life. She loves that!


I had fun. To be honest I kinda believe her. She said that I have to wait. She was even talking about this certain guy that I really like. She said that this guy has his career on his mind right now. I am not a priority. She was also talking about this certain guy who had his mind & heart for me. She said I don’t have to hurry. Career is good for me this time but love life shouldn’t be a concern. I HAVE TO GIVE MYSELF TIME…..

She was seriously laughing. My card spells “MONEY”. Oh god, money never stops to be an issue.


Madame Luz and I

By the way, she is available from 10:00 to 5:00 pm and at 6:00 pm she is mostly at an event inside plantation. She still does card reading past 6:00.

Another individual on dear earth that told me flat on my face that I am such a confused person. :-)clap… clap… clap….

Not Anymore

Posted: April 28, 2013 in Life On A Daily Basis

I remember when I was in college, whenever I felt low. I go buy myself something, mostly, cheap things to feel better. Sometimes, Sheryl and I went to a thrift bookstore to buy books that would cost around 20-40 pesos.

That was before…

A week ago, I was once again like most days felt like I am at my lowest. I am good at bribing myself to feel better. One of my tricks other than eating 10 hot dogs or poisons myself with too much ice cream, I buy me gifts. That, always work before.


Things like this never work anymore. Last week I bought myself the items below, thinking that it would make me feel better. It made me feel worse. Material things no matter how expensive will never make me feel any better, I realized that.

I guess, I am so much different now. 



Same jeans with different colors at 350 pesos each.



The skirt at 180 pesos each. Addict much? I guess. I want to feel better. Don’t you get it???



The yellow blouse cost 350 pesos. The blue one is at 100 pesos.

God please help. If this trick doesn’t work anymore, please help me find another one.

I want to feel alive again!