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Posted: April 28, 2013 in Poems

On the phone I heard your “hello”

I said “hi there” and my voice echoed like

Someone had just squeezed the life out of me

The hurt that came so eloquently in my voice

Is a living proof of the wound caused by my choice

You heard me, didn’t you? But you didn’t feel me


On the crowded mall, I smiled at you and touched your hand

I scanned your face and saw the glitter in your eyes

I saw those same eyes before and wondered what she’s like

I looked while you started striding away with a resolve

I was walking with you, my mouth shut, my heart broke

You saw me, didn’t you? But you didn’t feel me


On the street we walked side by side

Your hands on my shoulder where it used to clasped my hand

Such a friendly gesture that I hope was even more

I pretended to feel secure, make believe there was still more

I secretly wished the road will take forever for you and me to walk

You felt me, didn’t you?

But your heart is sealed with her name on it


One Look At You

Posted: April 28, 2013 in Poems


One look at you and I know you feel

I still have him in my heart yet the least you care

You refused to pay attention

You ignore the look in my eyes

Nor the tears that fall for him each time

You held me in your arms

You listened when all I do is talk about him

Everything you do, all I do is compare him with you

One look at you and I know you feel

I will remember him even more when you’re near

You seemed to be unmoved by the naked truth

I can’t get him out of my system

Not your embrace, nor your honeyed kiss

Will ever replace his worth

One look at you and I know you feel

I’ve been meaning to keep him there

There in my heart where he is to hang on safely

There where you will never ever be

One look at you and I know you feel

But why you just can’t take off and leave

Please don’t insist on loving me…

One look at you and already my guilt is killing me


A poem I made for someone. This someone who never gives up on me. Who choose to love me even when he knows his love is never reciprocated. This guy who’d rather have me as friend. Just hold on there. Just give me time to heal. Please be patient with me 🙂

Alter EGo

Posted: April 28, 2013 in Poems

Ghost , my feelings are ghost

Phantom, not to be real

My reality, my wit are lost

Phasing out my own memory


Outcry of what seems to be

A treacherous sense of identity

Don’t be blind, you have to see

You need not their pity


Maybe, this is my other self

Lost in my own shelf

An alter ego yet to be meet

Sheer nonsense, I shouldn’t let


Just decided to post it. I had it written way back in high school. But I feel the need to post it here. I already lost 1 notebook that has some of my poems. Not very good poems but it holds memories and I wanted to keep it

That Lady

Posted: April 28, 2013 in Poems

It takes tongue of angel

to soothe her broken heart

The sweetest thing she needs 

to heal the pain inside

They don’t call her weak

For it would obviously make her sick


I don’t hate her for being such a baby

She’s no woman but a lady maybe

A lady in distress that is she

She cries yet she drinks all  their sympathy

She rise when everything else had fallen

That makes her stronger than the rest of them


Posted: April 28, 2013 in Poems

Yowl now that its gone

Shed the tears you could have hide

Wreak revenge on yourself

Dance to the rhythm of pain itself

Wish in staggering silence

Long for it out loud

Promise up in the cloud

You will never want him back

Not even when he begs for life



Posted: April 28, 2013 in Poems

An art you call yourself

A masterpiece everybody’s dying to posses

Little has known of you

You lurked in the shadows

Nobody knows but you


You are a promise of beauty

yet you felts so guilty

You are nothing but only a picture of perfection

Nothing more but a mere



Not So Far

Posted: April 28, 2013 in Poems

Once in awhile 

you felt like you’re alone

Solitude is so overwhelming 

You wanted to be with someone soon

Not by far there is a light

Sparkled like the diamond at sight


Unknown to you that thing

so simple it placated you

You looked to it so closely

Ye the distance you see hardly

Far off you decided to reach

Resigned to the need you search


A thing resplendent in a new way

A thing called “Love”

Not so far away

Opposed not the distance in between

Ask not “You’re home when?”

Love will tell you, you’re home ever since